A Generous Gift To PLI

betty rvycBetty Wright, author of Adventuring to Princess Louisa Inlet has been in love with Princess Louisa Inlet for almost 60 years and is awarding the Princess Louisa Society a sizable gift to further the society’s efforts to complete exciting projects at the Inlet. The projects will please all who visit and will help keep the Inlet as Mac wished.

On Friday, October 24th, at 4:30 pm at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, during the International Princess Louisa Inlet Society’s annual meeting, Betty will inspire those who haven’t been there and will bring accolades from those who love the Inlet. Her emotional passages showing her deep love of the Inlet will excite all who attend her program.

The Annual Meeting and her speech are free but reservations are required. Visit the PLI website, as it gets closer to October, to make reservations to attend the annual meeting and to hear Betty’s exciting announcement and speech.

Separate reservations are required for those who wish to attend the dinner.  Jacket and tie are required for men to attend the dinner after the Annual Meeting.

Address of Royal Vancouver Yacht Club is 3811 Point Grey Rd. Vancouver BC Canada 1-604 224-1344.



This year, we attended the Princess Louisa International Societys annual meeting. It was a beautiful crisp Fall day in Vancouver, B.C. We left early so we could spend some time sightseeing around the area. Lunch was a must at Granville Island. Then we found a nice park close to the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, where we went for a stroll to view the Fall colors.

Vancouver is a lively city with plenty of outdoor parks. For a large city, they have a diverse range of culture and neighborhoods. Each a journey onto itself.

It was time to leave and attend the PLI annual meeting at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club. Located at Jericho on English Bay, this amazing facility is full of history.

Betty and Vancouver Skyline


After the meeting, we were invited to join the PLI Board of Director and their spouses for dinner. A lively conversation, with delicious food, was a great way to end a beautiful Fall Day.

betty rvyc



They Made It




After giving my program to a room full of enthusiastic Nordic Tug boaters, they purchased lots of my book, “Adventuring to Princess Louisa Inlet” .  Guess they must have watched my website because they knew I would be at Princess Louisa on July 11th. We arrived late afternoon for just a 2 hour visit.  Walked the two members of my group who had never been here up to get as close as possible to Chatterbox Falls.  Came back with the intention of walking down the dock to go visit with the 3 Nordic Tug owners who were there.  I didn’t have to. The 3 couples were on the dock waiting for me. Such shouting I’ve never heard and all of it good. They each had their copy of my book in their hands and praised it for the help it gave in planning and executing their trip.  I could have sold several more books to other boats on the dock but I don’t carry them into Canada with the intention of selling them. That was a very uplifting experience.

In the Photo: Bob and Laurie Jacobsen on Stargazer,  Jack Canon on Afterlight (Moon Canon took the photo) Susan and Al Smith on Sunshine. And, of course, Betty Wright holding the book.